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Corporate Wellbeing provides powerful solutions to modern day health and productivity issues by focusing on restoring higher function to not only the physical body and associated systems, but the human mind and energy systems too.
By addressing the 3 essential elements of: body, mind and energy, an individual or team can attain to their highest potential. If one of these critical elements is left out, true potential can never be realized.
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For example, did you ever notice how your mood state can impact your productivity? Have you noted that when your mind is disturbed you are unable to 'focus' and complete the intended tasks effectively? When you don't complete your tasks, your stress levels go up.
Have you observed that when you are tired, you are both unproductive and have poor focus? When you are stressed, your body becomes tight and pain areas 'remind' you of their existence?
The simple and obvious truth relating to these universally relatable queries, is that; yes, these three things; our body, mind and energy levels are all inter-related and that; yes, they all impact our ability to be productive, happy and move forward effectively in life.
I would like to help
To begin with, I'd like to support your physical restoration by gifting you with a very effective body weight training program (5 progressive programs actually) that you can undertake either at home or outdoors:
In my experience, people tend to focus upon what they can see and avoid addressing the unseen.
There is a challenge in addressing the mind and energy elements because you can't see these aspects although the experience of their impact is very real; indeed more real than the physical!
For example, you can see your body only some of the time (when your eyes are open and you are looking at it). Yet you can feel how you feel all of the time.
If there is one thing that we can not fool ourselves about, it is the way we feel. The way we feel impacts our motivation and interest in certain things; it determines whether we are consistent or not with our intentions and it dominates our perception of happiness or lack thereof.
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Consistency and motivation are very important components of success in any endeavor. If we fail to consistently apply the correct behaviour that will achieve our goals, we simply won't get there.
Whether our goals be:
  • Health & fitness related
  • Family or relationship related
  • Business related
  • Other
If we are unable to continually persist with the supportive behaviours that will realise our goals, then we can not expect to 'arrive'.
This is why, in addition to the physical, we look at these underlying elements - mind and energy - which ultimately determine what we are able to do and how consistent we can be with doing it.
Corporate Wellbeing services specific coaching programs, private sessions, training courses and experiential classes designed to provide greater insight and support in these intangible areas which can otherwise become the stumbling block that we continue to fall over; preventing our desired achievement from becoming a reality.
These programs, sessions, courses & classes include:
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An exciting recent development 'in the pipeline' includes the new REGENESIS Holistic Healing Specialist training courses specifically designed for PTs, Physios, Structural Rehabilitation Therapists and anyone working with the human body or mind.
By mastering this knowledge anyone working in such a position can get to the core of their clients physical maladies and effectively assist with permanently resolving them.
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If you have any questions relating to any of the above or are interested in booking a free consultation to determine how your needs can be best serviced, feel welcome to send your thoughts to:
or simply fill out the form below.
My best to you.
Jake Sole
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