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Athletic 2









Who Is This For?
  • Males and females

  • People who have some experience with exercise

  • People who have completed sufficient structural preconditioning (such as Core Regen, Rehab 1 & 2)

  • People wanting to develop more muscular strength and size*

  • People who want to lose weight, 'get fit' and tone up

  • People who need to train outside of a gym with no equipment

Who Is This NOT For?
  • Older Adults, pregnant women & special populations

  • People who are just starting out with exercise

  • People with chronic back, neck or knee pain

  • People with poor core strength and pelvic stability (in that case see Core Regen, Rehab 1 & 2)

*You will not get 'bulky' with this workout. Males will generally put on some size with this training due to innate androgenic hormonal influences, in addition to functional strength, enhanced shape and tone. Females will gain limited increases in muscular size from this workout but significant gains in functional strength, shape and tone will be achieved.

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