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This program is the perfect continuation from the REGENESIS Program; an onward development of that fundamental reshaping of the body into the functional performance elements of athletic conditioning.

Naturally, the body takes on an athletic appearance in addition to high performance capability.

The type of strength you build in this program carries over into 'every day life'; enabling you the capacity to meet any physical demands as they arise with confidence.



The Core Fundamentals Program combines elements of:

  • Postural rehabilitation and enhancement

  • Functional strength training

  • Structural stabilization

  • Flexibility development

  • Motor control and coordination and

  • cardiovascular conditioning

All of these components are perfectly balanced into one holistically focused training platform. Both feminine and masculine training methods are utilized within the 6-program series providing a variety of training options that keep your body from plateauing.

This training system will not make you 'massive' rather has within its scope the capacity to develop an ideal, athletic 'beach body' that not only looks great but performs at the highest level of function.

This program is also a very effective fat loss routine as it accelerates metabolism by stimulating ALL of your muscle mass every time you train.

You have the option of: light, medium and hard training intensities within the program structure so that you can choose the workout that suits how you are feeling on the day. 

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