This program provides the knowledge and support to balance your body physiology, overcome stress and dysfunction, restore your vitality and harness your focus.


By bringing the elemental composition of your body under control, you will find that your mood state and energy levels even out into a consistent flow that can be relied upon.


When your body is functioning from a place of balance, your mind also functions in balance. You are able to handle the demands of life with a calm and yet assertive confident ease... 

Many things need to be considered to bring our life into balance. In the absence of a simple system to achieve as such it is common that people remain constantly overwhelmed; rushing from one thing to the next as they try to 'keep up' and yet, liken to the horizon as you move toward it, the 'up to date' destination seems to ever move away from oneself.

 This is because this destination (peace) is not a location and it is not a thing. It is not an external achievement but an internal one. We are in a rush, 'stressed', tired and overwhelmed not because of the amount of things that require to be managed in our life, but because of our lack of skill in managing them.

There is a simple way to achieve this

 The body and mind are made out of primordial elements; earth, water, fire, air. The air, water and earth are obvious ones as we are breathing, drinking and eating every day. But fire is a little less tangible.

Did you ever notice how your body responds when you get really angry or frustrated? When you get 'fired up'?

You see, your nervous system runs on electricity. That is the fire within you. This is why you 'warm up' when you begin to exercise; the electricity within you becomes more active and heats up the body.

It also becomes more active however, when your psychological state becomes over-burdened.


'Stress' is defined as:

A perceived inability to deal with the situational demands

There are two main aspects to this:

1) Your level of skill and confidence (capability)

2) Your level of energy

When you have a higher level of skill you are naturally more relaxed and confident in any related situation. Yet that confidence only applies to the areas in which you have experience, right?

Did you know that managing your nervous system itself is also a skill?

That is to say, that you can learn to remain proactively calm in any situation; no matter how foreign and challenging?

It is a skill that can be cultivated.

What do you think will happen to your 'stress levels' if you cultivate that skill? It is connected to your energy.


When we are 'stressed' we are literally burning off mental energy. Losing the energy when we are already tired creates much suffering and when we are suffering everything becomes a burden.

During the course of the Energy Management Elemental Balancing Program you will learn how to control your mind, mood and focus and cultivate your energy. With these fundamental life skills in hand, you will much more effectively deal with every aspect of your life and learn to enjoy it all.