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This private healing session targets energetic and neurological blockages in the area of the low back and pelvic region.

By restoring a greater function and innervation to these areas, the digestive system and reproductive systems are enhanced as well as muscular strength and capacity in the lower extremity.

How will you benefit from this session?

The lumbo-pelvic area is a complex concordance of many systems within the human body.

Within the abdominal space, your intestine is digesting the food that you eat; your pancreas is regulating your blood sugar levels (thereby 'energy' on a biochemical level) and the ovaries or testicles are performing important hormonal regulations in addition to the necessary functions that facilitate the reception of a new life.


If the neurological plexus that innervates these functions is impaired your regenerative capacity and ability to recover may be limited due to an inefficient digestion process. Your energy levels may be reduced and you may find that every day tasks become a struggle and burden. If the situation is serious, you may even find that you are unable to conceive a child.

The nerves that exit the low back and sacrum (sciatic, femoral and gluteal among them) may be inhibited from performing their innervative role and thereby, your core function, pelvic stability and ability to exert force through the legs or move correctly may also be impaired... 

This session addresses all of this and more in a direct and immediate way

Note: If your system has been operating in a 'sympathetic' stressed state for a long time, the rapid shift to a parasympathetic state resulting from this session can make a deep impact in the way your body is functioning physiologically and subsequently the way you feel. It is best to have a restful time following this session to 'recover' as the regenerative changes are assimilated*

Session Duration:

60-75 mins

Session Investment:

$180 AUD


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*A consultation is required prior to booking in this session to determine if it is the right service for your personal situation