Corporate Well-being Solution
The Corporate Well-being Solution involves 3 primary
areas of inter-related focus:
  • The first step in relation to the body is to restore your capacity to perform functional tasks with ease. This involves re-balancing your body through the application of specific exercises and tension release strategies, to align your posture, eliminate pain and restore stability, flexibility, coordination and strength.
  • The second step is to train your body for increased functional strength, athletic capability (power) and general energetic efficiency. At this point your body will be looking, feeling and performing better than it ever has before.
  • The third step is to truly integrate a healthy approach to nutrition. This element takes time to master as what we eat and drink is often related to our mood, energy levels and convenience among other things. With the performance strategies relating to successful habitual change, the dietary element becomes attainable.
  • The first step in relation to the mind, is a process called Inner Alchemy. This involves the absolution of disturbance that has been trapped in the cellular memory (from the past) which otherwise continues to fragment or 'scatter' the mind in the present making it difficult to focus and perform at one's best. The outcome of this absolution establishes emotional control whereby consistency of a productive focus can be achieved. This is very powerful for establishing team harmony and cohesion. The simple method to facilitate this is learned and assimilated in the Classes.
  • The second step of Mind Mastery involves the practical application of the science of neuro-plasticity. By becoming aware of how our neurological networks (brain wiring) are causing us to be in conflict with our experiential reality, we can 're-wire' our thought patterns to address our environment more effectively and efficiently, thereby enabling a more constructive outcome. This results in a higher form of collaboration wherein - liken to the attuned instruments in an orchestra - the whole team can utilize their collective skills in a 'streamlined' way. This saves a lot of time, energy and expense resulting in higher product or service quality. It also results in a more joyful, fulfilling and rewarding workplace that everyone can look forward to coming to each day.
  • The third step of Mind Mastery involves the establishment of mental control. In the workplace (and world in general) there are innumerable distractions that may break our focus. This could take the form of sounds, smells, technological notifications and our own internal processes of mind, among other things. If we are not able to maintain our focus on the tasks required of us, our performance will drop and thereby work output and quality will also diminish. By developing our ability to concentrate for extended periods of time, we become productive, efficient workers capable of contributing much more to the team. Consequently our intrinsic value rises...
  • The three steps to Mind Mastery observed above are effectively addressed in the Mind Mastery & Genetic Activation Classes wherein all participants learn the skills involved and are supported through this process.
  • The first performance enhancement factor is the invaluable skill of autonomic nervous system control. Most people have heard of the 'Fight or Flight' response of the body, which is a reaction to stress. Though we might get things done in this state by rushing about, if we remain in it our vitality and energy becomes depleted. Long term this can cause chronic exhaustion, depression, suffering and even disease. It is essential that we learn to switch our nervous system back into a regenerative state wherein we can recover properly and thereby consistently perform more highly. The technique for establishing autonomic nervous system control is learnt in Classes.
  • The second performance enhancement factor is the scientific art of Energy Cultivation. Most people think of energy only in terms of food and drink however, there are actually four primary forms of energy that one requires to manage effectively if we are to establish a reliable consistency in relation to our energy levels (and thereby performance). The four levels of energy and how to master them, are detailed in Classes. 
  • The third and most powerful performance enhancement factor is the Genetic Activation process facilitated in the Classes. Most of us take it for granted that we are functioning properly, that we are 'normal' and 'nothing is wrong' and yet, if we pay attention to our daily life with honest introspection, we will find that much of the time we are really struggling. Our minds are constantly scattered with various thoughts; often in conflict with the environment, our energy levels are unpredictably up and down; we feel unfulfilled in many ways. We often suffer through our work to arrive at a short lived period of 'enjoyment' at the weekend perhaps, when we get to do what we really want to do if that is even possible then...
How much more productive would we be if we consistently enjoyed coming to work; if we actually looked forward to it after the weekend? This is a balanced life, rarely lived. It is possible to arrive at this place of balanced living by bringing our mind-body system into a higher state of functioning through which immunity is raised (resulting in less illness), energy levels are elevated, stress levels reduced, the mind becomes clear and focused and irritation and inter-personal conflict subside. The natural and consistent release of endorphins (happy hormones) indicate such as state of being has been attained. If we are not enjoying ourselves much of the time, certainly this indicates we are 'not there' yet.
Through the collective processes of the Corporate Well-being Solution Program, we can arrive at this higher state of being and performance potential and become not only a happy, healthy, fulfilled person in general, but a great team player who can contribute invaluably to any organisation we are a part of. Achieving all this requires only one thing: Willing participation
Think you 'don't have time' for all this?
There are 2 simple and attainable components:
  1. Attend a Class once per week to learn the techniques of establishing autonomic nervous system control and become educated about how your mind-body systems operate so that you can gain control over your mind, how you feel, your energy levels and more.
  2. Attend just two exercise sessions per week to restore your function, eliminate pain and build a body that performs at its best.
In addition, participants can utilize the supportive app which details the exercise programs, nutritional guidelines and Mind Mastery Strategies that will keep you on track and ensure success whilst providing the flexibility to apply it in a time frame that suits you.
The ROI for undertaking this process is priceless, personally and for business 
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